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My Styles

Beautiful, named illustrations of garment styles that look great on you, plus those you should simply avoid

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My Shape

Fantastic styling advice and clever dressing tips to complement your shape and features

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My Likes

Create your visual list of styles you love, to use when shopping or to share by email to friends & family

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My Profile

Your personal measurements and features are kept here. Easy to update, guaranteeing accurate advice

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iOS 7 Compatible

Works with all iOS7 compatible iPhones, iPod Touches and iPads

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Fantastic FREE Advice

Your body shape styling and tops advice is 100% FREE. Try before you buy! You'll love your results

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Styles to Avoid

Not only do you learn what looks great, you also find out your styles, lengths and designs you should avoid

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Easy Sharing

Designed so you can easily share your favourites with family and friends for gift ideas

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Every Garment Types

For a small fee, access advice for Dresses, Jackets, Coats, Evening Gowns, Jeans, Trousers, Skirts, and Cardigans

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Perfect for Shopping

Whether you are in a store or online, the app is designed to help you shop smarter

Frequently Asked Questions

Works with all iOS7 compatible iPhones, iPads and iPods (ie iPod Touch)
My advice is totally unbiased. No influence by retailers, manufacturers or designers so you can trust it 100%. It also means you avoid purchases you later regret
Yes, both body shape styling AND Tops advice are 100% free. So try before you buy my other garments' advice (for just a small fee e.g. the cost of a coffee)
If in doubt, use the middle option. You can also seek advice from a friend or family member
Absolutely. Please sign up to Style Club to make sure you are one of the first to know. (I have lots of exciting plans to help you more)
Access to more amazing, unbiased advice for wardrobe capsules; colors; fabric & pattern tips; shopping ideas and a few other nice surprises too!
Use "My Likes" to create your shopping list. Then use in store to find / show the styles you want
If you love the app, please do tell others as I want to change the world! Word of mouth is the greatest compliment ‐ thank you! Also, more users mean I can better influence retailers to better serve you
Go to "Contact me" at the end of this website and choose relevant email for your enquiry
Simply download via Apple's App Store
The app is available worldwide via Apple's App Store
No. The app is for personal use only, however business licenses are available upon request to business@myshapestylist.com
Cristina Holm. See her website to find out more about Cristina, including testimonials from delighted clients
As long as you keep your measurement & details updated, my advice will always be accurate
Wearing the right colors for your complexion is the difference between looking healthy or drained. Sign up to Style Club to find out more
Yes, of course. However to create perfect balance and the illusion of an hourglass shape, follow my advice
Go to Cristina's website to see how else she can be of assistance, including her "Online Stylist" services
Tap on the "About" tab in the app, tap on "Support" to email your problem to appsupport@myshapestylist.com. It is best to send from within the app as it automatically adds relevant details that will help get any problem quickly resolved